PermaSafe SHIELD


PermaSafe SHIELD, or “Step 2” of the 2 – Step PermaSafe System, is a Multi – Purpose, Multi- Surface, Microbiostatic, Bacteriostatic, Fungistatic and Algaestatic, Antimicrobial Surface Protectant and Mold, Mildew and Odor Inhibitor & Protector. From Cell Phones, Keyboards and Touchscreens; Cutting Boards, Cookware and Glassware; Outerwear, Underwear, Baby Diapers and Bedding to Roof Tiles, Floor Tiles and Concrete; Sewer Pipes, Manholes, Machinery and a great many more, SHIELD is Effective, and Approved for Safe use on a virtually Endless Array of Indoor and Outdoor, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Surfaces and Materials.

When applied to surfaces, SHIELD Creates an Invisible Shield that Inhibits the Growth of Microorganisms and Helps Prevent the Growth and Spread of Bacteria … for UP TO 3 MONTHS.