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Gold Shield Sanitation is powered by two distinct, yet equally remarkable, patented and EPA-registered products:

Step 1 – (disinfectant) is a hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses such as the H1N1 (Swine-Flu) and SARS-CoV-2*.


Hospital Grade Disinfectant Anti-Allergen
60 Second Sanitizer Heavy-Duty Odor Eliminator
Germicidal 7-in-1 Cleaner Mold & Mildew Eliminator


*The hospital grade disinfectant used by Gold Shield meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS COV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19.

Step 2 – (protectant) is a long-term antimicrobial surface protectant that continually inhibits the growth of microorganisms for up to 90 days via a proprietary “Electro-Mechanical” process that kills germs without the use of harmful chemicals. Upon application, the protectant forms a Covalent Bond with the surface to which it’s applied. Once cured, it will not wash off and can last and remain antimicrobially effective for months.**


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How It Works

The system we use not only disinfects, but also provides continuous antimicrobial protection via a proprietary “Electro-Mechanical” process that kills germs without the use of harmful chemicals for up to 90 days. Upon application, the patented active ingredients permanently bond with surfaces to which they are applied. As the protective coating dries, millions of positively-charged microscopic “spikes” form and extend from the surface.

Negatively charged bacteria and other microbes are electrostatically pulled onto the positively charged spikes and destroyed as the spikes rupture their cell walls and electrocute them.

What you Should Know

  • “ANTIMICROBIAL” is an impressive sounding word with an unimpressive meaning. An antimicrobial is nothing more than a product that, in any manner, inhibits the growth of one or more microorganism(s). Look for quantifiable claims
  • “SANITIZER” is a recognized standard that indicates at least a 99.9% kill of some bacteria. Sanitizers are not required to, and typically don’t kill viruses. Look for broad-spectrum disinfection efficacy.
  • “DISINFECTANTS” must kill or inactivate at least 99.9% of both bacteria and viruses.
  • “BROAD SPECTRUM” and “HOSPITAL” disinfectants represent a much higher standard of efficacy against multiple types of microbes. The most effective disinfectants achieve up to 99.999% (5log) kill/inactivation.
    .099%, Does it Really Matter? YES! 1/10th of 1% leaves 10,000 microbes remaining in a mere 7″x7″ square
  • “NO RINSE ON FOOD CONTACT SURFACES” is a credential for kitchen use guidelines. Solutions with “no rinse, no wipe on food-contact surfaces” represent chemistries known to not leave behind residues that may cause harm.
  • Hazards and Warnings are not standard canned language required for all products. Specific statements are listed only if such apply. Seek antimicrobials with minimal Precautionary Statements and Hazards.

A Better Way

The photographs to the left were captured through an Electron Microscope and display a treated surface and its bed of “Spikes” in action. These images reveal the arrival and partial destruction of E-Coli bacteria, as they are impaled and shocked by the antimicrobial spikes.

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