Automotive Services

While Alarming, it’s True: Modern Vehicles have become Breeding Grounds for Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, all of which are also known as Microorganisms, or “Microbes.” The steering wheel of the average vehicle in America harbors NINE TIMES MORE harmful bacteria than the average public toilet seat! 

Research reveals that the average public toilet seat hosts 80 germs per square inch, while the average steering wheel is home to over 700! That’s pretty frightening news considering that over 75% of infectious diseases are spread by hands touching every- day surfaces.

Scarier yet, the steering wheel is far from the most germ ridden vehicle surface. Gear shift handles and trunks come in between 1500 – 2000 germs per square inch each.

Goldshield uses a state-of-the-art Vehicle Disinfection and Long-Term Antimicrobial Protection System engineered specifically for automotive use.

Effective on all interior surfaces, the installation starts with an initial sanitization of your vehicle’s passenger cabin, air ventilation system and ductwork, trunk and other cargo areas. Our EPA registered, broad-spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant eliminates over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew and other harmful microbes that can be hazardous to passenger health, while also removing allergens and odors.

Once clean, sanitized and deodorized, the spaces and surfaces are then blanketed with a patented semi-permanent, Antimicrobial Surface Protectant.

While effective antimicrobials are not new, the Surface Protectant provides continuous antimicrobial control, and does so through a physical or “mechanical” process without the repeated use of harmful chemicals.